Welcome to the FIXERTROPE page. You are here because you've heard of us, have heard some of our music, have seen us, or have been referred to this site and are curious about us for some reason. FIXERTROPE is dedicated to you all who want something entertaining, good, powerful but a bit more substantial than your current pop music options. We are actually a movement in its birthing. FIXERTROPE for the healing of the nation! What? Big words for sure, but really what we want to say is that we want to make a difference: a difference in what you hear, see, and how you think of your place in a culture gone mad. Welcome to the family. Hopefully we'll see you soon somewhere. We really must be experienced to be understood.


A word/concept coined from two words. Fixer and trope. Fixer refers to a person, animal, or other entity in real or in fantasy that appears as one who "makes things right." A trope is an ambiguous meaning set appearing in literature referring to an intermittently occurring established theme.

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